Drunken Samajwadi Party Workers Allegedly Abducted a Bar Tender for No Discount

We have witnessed the law-less Samajwadi Party ruled Uttarpradesh quite a lot of times on Media before , It seems the ruling Samajwadi Party in UP is not quite the model of law-abiding citizenship. According to the reports , Drunken Workers of the party, allegedly abducted a bar owner after he refused to allow them a discount for their tipple. The bar owner contacted police but cops, wary of confronting those associated with the ruling party, But after being contacted to senior SP leader in Agra and sought his intervention the bar tender was released.


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On Sunday afternoon, some SP men, allegedly already drunk, arrived at Model Liquor Shop in Shaheed Nagar. They asked for a quarter bottle of liquor which cost Rs 185. After gulping the contents down, they asked for another bottle, but refused to pay more than Rs 170. The bar tender showed them the MRP printed on the bottle and demanded the full amount. A brawl resulted, and the tipplers called some of their friends, including SP leader Hari Om Yadav and Manoj Yadav.

The two SP leaders, accompanied by three others, arrived at the bar a little later. Emboldened, the drunk men set upon the bar employees, Ramveer, Rakshapal Singh and Mahendra, and thrashed them. They dragged Ramveer into their car and speed away.Bar owner Lalit Sachdeva said, “The men fled, taking Ramveer with them, and we were left helpless. They destroyed furniture and ransacked the liquor stock.”

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Sachdeva said he called the police control room. Policemen could not initially muster the courage to take action against people associated with the ruling party in the state. Some relatives of Ramveer, however, knew senior SP leaders in Etawah who stepped in to save him. Only after a senior party leader called some policemen did the cops step in to act in the matter. Policemen were sent to the home of Hariom Yadav to free the abducted Ramveer.CO Sadar, Asim Chaudhary, under whose jurisdiction the bar falls, said an FIR had been lodged against five men, including Hariom Yadav and Manoj Yadav.

In another such incident on Sunday evening, a few SP workers from Agra on their way to Mainpuri held toll plaza employees captive after they refused to offer a rebate on toll tax near the Tundla Highway. Toll employees informed police, who took the SP leaders into custody and then mediated a compromise between those manning the toll booth and the SP workers.

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