Flipkart Delivery Boy Molests {Harass} Maid in Hyderabad Banjara Hills

On Monday, Mili Srivastava posted on her Facebook page. A Hyderabad resident named Mili Srivastava has alleged that her house help was molested by a ‘Flipkart’ delivery boy. The shocking news surfaced when a woman, employer of the victim, moved police station at Banjara Hills filing a report against one unidentified delivery boy of the e-commerce site.

Flipkart delivery boy molests maid in Hyderabad

Mili Srivastava, was trying to find the identity of the ‘Flipkart’ delivery boy seeking help for identifying the accused. But her effort to find the accused has gone vain.  It has been 48 hours since she has tried all means to reach people at Flipkart to track down the delivery boy who allegedly molested her domestic help.

Then Mili Srivastava took the help of from social networking site Facebook and informed people about the shocking incident.

Ms Srivastava wrote on Facebook:

“Another incident of molestation and violation of a woman’s modesty goes unnoticed. My maid was molested by a #flipkart delivery boy on Saturday. 48 hrs since, despite all the calls and requests to the company no response, let alone action against the boy who came to my house to deliver the order. When will we have a safe India for women???? As we look for the answers as a nation, one will make sure this is not repeated and the #flipkart stands up to not only selling products but owning up to the incident. We are not mere customers buying your products but respectable human being who deserve to be treated with respect.”

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Speaking about the incident she said, it was a cash on delivery product, so her maid went inside for money then the delivery boy the accused took the advantage of that situation and forsed himself on her maid. It has also been reported that the accused had called the victim and threatened her to keep mum on the incident.

On Monday evening an FIR was filed with the Banjara police station, and the courier boy was remanded to police custody. Murali Krishna, SHO at Banjara Hills, said, “The incident apparently occurred on September 13. They have filed a complaint and we are investigating. We have gotten in touch with Flipkart. They said they would send someone to the station.”

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Telugu states  recorded a 15.11% rise in crime against women last year with 25,998 cases registered in 2013, and rapes and molestation rising alarmingly. In the last two and half months, more than 100 cases have already been reported across police stations, which activists say are worrying statistics.Proper action should be taken on the culprit.

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