Four Children found dead in car as doors get locked

In an unfortunate incident four children were found dead in a stationary car which was parked in a parking yard. Children’s were trapped in the car due as the doors were found to be locked which lead the children’s to suffocate and die. Official sources of police confirmed that among the four children’s there were two girls and two boys who all were teen-aged. Police sources confirmed that among the four kids the two kids who were found to be girls aged around ten and eight years old. The rest of two kids aged two years and four years old and they were boys.

Four Children Died due to the lock of car door

The car which was the sole element behind the unfortunate and inauspicious incident was the car which was sized by bank due to the default in loan repayment and was part of several vehicles. The car was parked in Vedanatham premises as per the police sources. It was reported that the children’s were playing it seems in the premises. As per the parents the children had come to place where they were found to be playing and they were there to attend a temple function.

It was suspected that the children might have entered in to the car accidentally while playing however which is the usual phenomenon which occurs in most of the household where the parents would leave their car doors. It was believed that the car doors have been locked automatically leading the children to suffocate and die in the car. Parents of the children’s were sobbing and boohooing due to the loss of their beloved ones which too turned the well-wishers of the family members to weep with tears.

In an normal press meet the police personnel’s said that “they were playing in the vicinity and had later got in to the car. It seems the car’s doors got automatically locked and they are appearing to be died due to the suffocation. We are investigating the various reasons and causes behind the incident and we would let you know very shortly”.

Adding to this issue police personnel’s said that parents were tensed after missing the children’s and when they started to search they were directed to the parking yard. is saddened to hear of the sudden loss of children’s and expresses its deepest and heartiest condolences. Stay tuned to and for updates trusted and best trendy updates.

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