Girl Burns Herself Due To Sexual Harassment At Work Place

Recently, Hyderabad witnessed yet another shameful incident. A 17-year-old girl allegedly burnt herself and committed suicide due to sexual harassment she faced at her workplace by co workers. According to the reports, 17 year old girl from Hyderabad who was working in Sriram Dresses, Kukatpally was sexually harassed by her colleagues at her work place. The identity of the girl has not been disclosed yet, the girl set herself on fire who was frustrated with the harassment. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, however, she succumbed to her injuries on Wednesday, July 1.

Girl burns herself due to sexual harassment at work place

Her parents filed police complaint and claimed that the accused started harassing the victim ever since she joined Sriram Dresses, a cloth store, at KPHB Colony in the city. One of the relatives of the victim was quoted as saying,

“From the first day her co-workers started harassing and ragging her since she was new. They used to use obscene and vulgar language while speaking to her.”

A day before the incident took place, when she poured kerosene over her body and set herself on fire, her mother reportedly had confronted the three accused. Despite receiving warnings from her mother, the three accused continued to harass her at workplace. Meanwhile, the reports received by the police sources claimed that the three co-workers had tried to assault her or touched her inappropriately.

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Parents of the victim also claimed that three accused have threatened their daughter dreadful consequences if she revealed anything to others.

It is very saddening that this kind of harassments are going on even after the Nirbhaya act is being implemented. Any kind of act cannot prevent women from the harassment rather than having and making a strong will power to defeat such kind of men.

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