A Girl Repeatedly Raped By a Man Inside Beauty Parlour, His Wife Reaction Will SHOCK YOU!!

Rekha, a 19 year old girl in Indore, was searching for job to earn money for her poor family. As a result, she has found a job in Scissor Art Beauty Parlour. She joined there and was working since seven months. The Beauty Parlour is owned by Bunty Varma who also has another Parlour for men. He would manage the men’s parlour and the other by his wife Rinku Varma.

girl was raped in beauty parlour

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One fine day, Bunty forced Rekha to have some drink with sedatives. And she was raped by him. Bunty has threatened Rekha many times and raped her often. At last, Rakha decided to tell the problem and complained to Bunty’s wife Rinku. Rekha thought that the problem would be solved. But after telling the problem to Bunty’s wife, Rekha’s was ruined more and lead her life to hell.

police arrested the man who raped girl repeatedly

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Rinku, instead of helping Rekha, filmed her getting raped by Bunty next time. Then Rekha was threatened to work in Men’s parlour or the video will be in Social networking sites. Rekha couldn’t tell anyone about the problem or do nothing. She decided to commit suicide. She attempted to take poison. But her family members however managed to stop her. She was asked for the reason and she said the entire problem. Then the issue was reported to the police. As a result, six people have been arrested in this regard.

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