Someone Hacked The Phones Of Southern Actresses Trisha, Hansika And What He Did Is Clueless

We hear about hacking social media accounts and emails of celebrities very often. But strangely this time the hacker had chosen a unique way to hack. The hacker has chosen to hack the phones of the actress Trisha Krishnan and Hansika Motwani. He hacked the phones of both the gorgeous ladies and wiped out their contacts.

The actor said that a “certain jobless coward” had hacked and wiped her phone and asked those who had her number to send her a WhatsApp message with their name. This information was told by the actress Trisha, as she posted the happening on her Twitter.

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Trisha tweeted: “My tweeps and friends who know my number, pls WhatsApp yours and your name coz a certain jobless coward hacked and wiped my phone clean”

A similar incident was registered happening to the actress Hansika. A couple of hours after Trisha’s tweet, Hansika too saw that her contacts were wiped out and she did the same way as Trisha by requesting her friends to send their contacts.

She tweeted: “And the same has happened to me !!! Grr. Guys please revert with your name at the end of your text”.

Other celebrities like TV anchor Divyadarshini and singer Chinmayi expressed their surprise at the “coincidence”.

Perhaps Trisha overwhelmed by the attention that her tweet had garnered, she tweeted that the hacker was best dealt with by “cybercrime officials and karma”.

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