Hyderabad Misses Most Popular Nizam’s Priceless Jewels – Pictures

Nizam Jewellers are one of the most popular among the world and even we cannot make those type of precious jewels now. The jewellery is currently stashed away in the RBI vaults after it was exhibited a few times, because the Centre is undecided over where to display it. Collection has been kept safely with the Union government and they will be depositing in the safe vaults of the RBI – Reserve Bank of India.

Hyderabad Misses Most Popular Nizam’s Priceless Jewels

The fabulous jewellery, rated among the world’s priceless collections, was purchased by the Central government in 1995 for Rs 217 crore (the value would be 10 times more now) after long negotiations between the trustees and government.

Comprising 173 exquisite pieces, including the famed 184.50-carat Jacob diamond from the treasury of the erstwhile Nizams of Hyderabad, the collection has been with the Union government and deposited in the safe vaults of the RBI.

Nizam’s Priceless Jewels

Few other pieces of the royal compilation include priceless uncut Colombian emeralds, rare carat Alexandrite ring, a necklace with 12 flat diamonds and emerald armbands weighing 150 carats said to have belonged to the Mysore ruler, Tipu Sultan.

The whole collection of Nizam jewels have been safely displayed at Salar Jung Museum in the year 2001 and 2006 which had a large and numerous number of people filled up for a small glance of the jewels.

Nizam’s Priceless Jewels exhibition

Former Director of Salar Jung Museum A.K.V.S. Reddy, who supervised the temporary exhibitions in the city, says the priceless collection belonged to the city and argues a permanent facility to display them here was not unviable.

“Security is key aspect for such galleries and a decade ago when it was displayed here, we had to deploy nearly 120 security personnel. However, with more advanced technologies in the form of camera surveillance and alarms, the requirement will be less,” he says.

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