In Case You Missed It: Clutch The Houston Rockets Mascot Kneels Before Emialia Clarke Of The Game Of Thrones During Basketball Game

Clutch, the mascot for the Houston Rockets, a basketball team that belongs to the western-conference was seen kneeling before Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones.

The incident happened when Emilia was present during the Western Conference Semifinals when the Houston Rockets were playing against the Golden State Warriors.

In the video you can see Clutch dropping his coffee on the floor as he looked shocked an amazed, he then does something that we all would do, kneel before the mother of Dragons.

The camera was then transferred to Emilie, who was gagging and embarrassed at the same time. You could see her cover her face with her hands.

The mascot then decided to kiss the hand of Emilia, the actress then thanked him and did a queen wave afterward.

In addition to that, Rapper Jay-Z was also present in the match with Beyonce, his wife. The husband and wife were sitting courtside during the match.

Unfortunately, the presence of such talented humans was not enough to help the Rockets win against the Warriors.


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