India Seen From International Space Station – Images and Videos

Amazing images and videos of Indian subcontinent from the space are definitely going to delight the Indians and the space lovers across the nation. Get your desire of flying high in to the space and having a spacewalk fulfilled viewing this images and pics, at least partially. Here we bring out best clips and snapshots of NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts’ who shared the majestic view of India and its subcontinent from space on micro-blogging site Twitter and Vine video.

India Seen From The International Space Station


Images and videos captured by NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts’ can be witnessed lightning storm over India. These images are and videos are worthy enough to be called as a treasure trove of Terry W. Virts’ which are going to satisfy the dreams and hope’s of flying high into the sky and universe of people living out there and watching this incredible collections. NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts’ shared these amazing videos and images of the Earth taken from the International Space Station collection recently a couple of days.

Watch out images of Peninsular India how it looks in during the night time illuminating with city lights. Figure your Indian favorite location and southern cities such as Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad in these pics and images.

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