India To Send 15-year-old Pakistani Boy Ramzan Home As a ‘Return Gift’ For Geeta

Bhopal: Following the return of Indian woman Geeta (speech and hearing impaired), who remained stuck in Pakistan for 15 years, there is now hope for Karachi’s runaway  boy Ramzan to finally go back to his home country and reunite with his mother.

India To Send 15-year-old Pakistani Boy Ramzan Home As a 'Return Gift' For Geeta

India has decided to reopen the file of a 15-year-old Pakistani boy Mohammad Ramzan to send him back home as a return gift to Pakistan for returning Geeta nearly 15 years after she accidentally crossed over to their territory.

Ramzan was separated from his mother at the age of 10 when his father Mohammad took him to Bangladesh and remarried. After being tortured by his stepmother, the boy crossed the border alone in 2011 with the hope of coming back to his mother in Pakistan.

Ramzan had travelled to various states in India before he was recovered by the Government Railway Police (GRP) in Bhopal back in 2013 September. He then shifted to a shelter home run by Childline and remained there since then.

Archana Sahay, director of Childline Bhopal chapter, tried helping the boy but to no avail. In September this year, a CA student from Bhopal traced the boy’s family in Karachi by sharing pictures via social media.

However, after all these developments, to reciprocate the goodwill gesture of Pakistan, Prime Minister’s office (PMO) has reopened the case file of Ramzan. Ashutosh Shukla, a consultant to PMO, confirmed the initiative and said, “We have sent a letter to the President’s office. We are hopeful that Ramzan would be in Pakistan soon. After all, we have to thank Pakistan.”

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