India VS Bangladesh Mauka Mauka: Quarter Finals Funny Monster Mauka Ad

On March 19th, two neighbours, India and Bangladesh would clash in the quarter-finals of the Cricket World Cup 2015. People are so upbeat that creative YouTubers from Bangladesh have started making ‘mauka mauka’ ads to provoke us. Here we have some more information on the same.

india vs bangladesh world cup match live

India Vs Bangladesh Mauka Mauka Funny Ad:

The guy who uploaded this video said as below:

“Thanks to those who expressed their thought with us. I was astonished by seeing the aftermath. Two days ago, when I published this video on YouTube, I really did’t expect this. I had no intention to show ungratefulness to India or any other nations in the world.”

“When I searched about Bangladesh vs India, then it goes without saying that the result was quite humiliating. They left a very bad expression on our beloved country and people. From my platform, I tried as much as I can” he added.

We found this video specially amusing, but there’s a slight problem, the fart shown in the video is actually a special message to the funny little green monster. But the things will change entirely in tomorrow’s Quarter finals match between India and Bangladesh. Let’s wait for one more day to watch action live.

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