Is Our Last Day on Earth to be Friday 13th November 2015?

The unpleasant or disastrous destiny of the humankind is about to take place on Friday 13th November 2015. Yeah, you heard that right, hence get your things done at a good pace. People across the world are worried about the new myth which is being viral across the globe through all mediums. Viral of weird and spooky stories isn’t common before a week of Halloween while what concerns is that is this true?  The discourse of extra-terrestrial life has been always discussed in the films and through many other mediums where the unfriendly species or aliens have been impersonated as they either want to colonize Earth or entirely demolish it.


Alien UFO to Destroy Earth in Weeks, Hinting Sign of End on Third Friday of 13th of year

Currently, it is being speculated and well supported that our (humans) home planet earth would be destroyed in weeks ahead by the extra-terrestrial creatures UFO which have been named as WF1190F. Observing the nomenclature of the unidentified extra-terrestrial body would ring up our brains with the letters W, T and F.

Scientists and astronauts are claiming that a flying saucer usually called as UFO would be bumping off  the Indian Ocean at quarter past six in the morning on November 13th, 2015 which happens to be third Friday an of the month. Although the origin of the extra-terrestrial body UFO hasn’t been determined yet which is underway by the experts and a group of scientists.

Earth-Map-ufo crashing

The UFO doesn’t seem to be like a manmade machine like any failed satellite which are usually recalled by the creator on to earth from space  making them to crashing into the oceans or major water bodies. For the first time, scientist discovered this object to be falling from space in February 2013 and it reappeared in October 2015.

Due to the complicated earth’s atmosphere and its exterior layers most of the strange objects from space burn up before ever causing any cause for concern like comets. While the size of the speculated UFO really concerning the scientists as the observations clearly state that WT1190F will hit the surface for sure. The exact location of the crashing of the UFO has been spotted out as about 70 kilometres off the coast of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.

Preliminary studies reveal that the UFO is 7 feet long and was initially spotted out by European Space Agency. All the European Space Agency are stating that this wouldn’t cause many disasters while it would certainly have its impact on earth and people living around the expected land f crashing. Reports of the scientists and researchers claim that the object could be hollow fueling theories that it could be a discarded rocket from a more former space launch vehicle revolving around the Earth.

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