Delhi Eve-Teasing Case Has Taken U-Turn When Jasleen Kaur Runs Away After Facing The Eye Witness

The incident of a 20-year-old Delhi University student alleging that she was harassed by a motorcyclist at a traffic intersection on Sunday evening took a new turn with a supposed eyewitness saying that the alleged harasser did not use any abusive words against the girl and that he had been falsely implicated. The eyewitness, Vishwajeet, said he was present when a heated argument took place between the DU student and the motorcyclist at a traffic intersection in West Delhi’s Tilak Nagar. All the three important faces to this whole case: Jasleen Kaur, who claims to be molested, Sarvjeet Singh, the accused and Vishwajeet Jha have their own stories to say, however Sarvjeet Singh seems be more genuine basis the eye witness and the reasoning given by his mother.

Eye witness, Vishwajeet Jha in Delhi girl Eve teasing incident

Jasleen Kaur Walked Away Without Answering To Question:

Zee News brought all the three on the same platform, to hear and get the answers from each one of them. But, Delhi eve teasing case has taken a U-Turn when Jasleen Kaur runs away after facing the eye witness. As told by eyewitness this case is of verbal fight and not molestation.

Watch the entire conversation below:

As Jasleen heard the witness, she walked away. She did not give answer to any of the questions the media and people wanted to know. Mother of Sarvjeet raises a very valid point asking why Jasleen did not go the police or seek help from the people around on that busy red light? Why did she choose to go through social media? Was this a publicity stunt? Or the power of social media in the present world? Or may be a way to just vent out her anger on someone? There happen to many such incidences, which get social attention, why only this one caught the attention of CM Arvind Kejriwal?

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