Know How 4 Crore People Could be Killed Due to Mega Earthquake Dividing Continents Very Soon

Perhaps the doomsday isn’t too away from now? Yeah you heard that right and this is no more a hoax call. Experienced scientists have been claiming that both the Asian and American subcontinents would be hit with a mega earthquake recalling imminent danger which would be able to kill as many as 4 Crore people and divide the American continent.

mega earthquake in america and india

Worst Mega Earthquake to Rock America and Asia

Dr. Keshe, a nuclear scientist warns the people across the globe that America and Asia had to suffer a mass mega earthquake which can be called as the worst earthquake mankind has ever witnessed. The aftermath of this mega-earthquake would be splitting of America and Asia and would be hit by mega tsunamis killing more than 40 Million people (4 Crore)’ as a result of an earthquake that’s ‘imminent.’

Immediately after Dr. Keshe’s prediction theory was disclosed to people of these continents, millions of people in America and Canada started up the world’s biggest earthquake emergency drill called as the ‘Great Shake Out’. As a part of emergency response authorities across the America are carrying out the mock drill which would prove helpful mega earthquake strikes these nations.

It’s been claimed by the Iranian-born scientist Dr. Mehran Tavakoli (M.T.) Keshe that a series of quakes between 6 and 8.3 magnitude in the last month were the beginning of the mega quake. He hints that these mega-earthquakes may hit both a series of quakes between 6 and 8.3 magnitude in the last month were the beginning of the mega quake.


It is being speculated that these earthquakes would initially rock China, successively activating major tsunamis that could wipe out California. Dr. Keshe also adds on that the North and South American continents will also split with each other due to the earthquake maybe even larger than the one in California.

He says “It’s so big it will separate two continents. Japan was the pin that started it, but there’s two other pins yet to release; when one goes it releases the second one. A series of movements will happen at the same time to different plates, the continents are locked into each other. It’s the natural process of the planet.”

Accounting huge losses of the mega earthquakes he claims “the world economy will collapse. I hope it will not happen this way but this is what I know it is inevitable the continental break-up is inevitable.” Watch out what Dr. Keshe has to say more about the inevitable future.

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