Caught on Camera: Lucknow Policemen Fight In Public, After Dispute Over Sharing Bribe

In a shameful incident, four policemen posted at an important crossing in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh were caught on camera fighting on Sunday. Both the cops were beating and thrashing each other in a narrow street as people are watching them.

Police fight

One of the eyewitnesses said the fight was over the division of bribes collected from street vendors, trucks and other vehicles that pass through the area.

In the video, the two policemen were seen blowing, pushing and beating each other:

The other two policemen were trying to separate them and break the fight. But it is impossible for them to pull them apart. Policemen are expected to perform their duty honestly and not involve in corrupt practices.

Eyewitnesses said that one of the policemen was trying to take the money that the others wanted to share and then the fight broke out. But the local police, however, denied the reports of bribery and claimed that the fight began over clearing the traffic jam and not sharing bribes. The Policeman Virendra Yadav has been suspended.

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