Madhya Pradesh: 4 Family Members Found Dead in Their Home

Police say the family was using a brazier, they think this may be the cause of their death.
Police say the family was using a brazier, they think this may be the cause of their death.

On Tuesday evening 4 people were found dead in their house in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, which included a 12-day old baby and a woman. The husband of the woman was found unconscious, they also retrieved the body of his mother and his 12-year-old brother.

The police are still investigating how the 4 members died. The one and only survivor was Sanju Bhuria, he is currently in the hospital, and the doctors say he is currently stable. Sanju works in a factory that is located 22kilometers away from Bhopal.

Police say, the house was locked when they reached there, they had to smash the door to get inside. When the police went in, they saw a brazier, which made the police think that the cause of the death can be suffocation. Bodies have now been sent for autopsy, hopefully, it will help them solve the case.

Neighbors added that they saw the family on Monday evening, and started to wonder where they were at on Tuesday as they did not see them the entire day. The neighbors said, they knocked on their door but no one responded, so they alerted the police.

When the police came and broke open their door, they found 4 dead and one barely breathing.

Monika Shukla a police officer said: “They were using an angeethi and the room was closed from inside, which suggested that the four deaths could have happened due to asphyxiation from the smoke.”

The mother in law and the brother in law came all the way from Maharashtra to help take care of the newborn baby of the wife.

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