Man Tied Up, Beaten And Forced To Say ‘Jai Sri Ram’. Is this What We Want?

We say India is a Country where many religions reside. “Unity in Diversity” is our motto. But what is happening actually…?? People are still living with a superstitious mind where people are being beaten up and even hanged to dead when they refuse to convert their religion. Is this what India is..?? Is this what every Indian is expecting…?? If the answer is no, then what..?

man beaten up and forced to say jai sree ram

A man is tied to a pillar, periodically slapped, hit and threatened to be killed unless he says the words Jai Sri Ram. He is asked if he will change his religion and become a Hindu, while being consistently heckled with a stick. The bullies ask him about transporting cows for slaughter purpose, and the name of the buyer.

Actually those should be severely punished to steal the freedom of other religion as well the freedom of other person. But the faces of these men are not captured on the camera, barring one or two instances where one of them can be seen. This has probably been done so that no one can be arrested.

This video is extremely inflammatory, insensitive and depicts everything that India is not ‘in theory’. Not only is this a violation of his human rights, it infringes upon one’s freedom to religion in a secular nation.What so ever it may be, this episode is a mirror to the new face of India.

You can Watch the Video Below:

It is not important what religion he belongs to. He could be of any faith but should be of good natured. Only by converting the religion does the god showers love towards him..?? Why the people are thinking so foolish that only religion can make mankind closer to God. It is only our actions that makes a full personality not religion, caste, creed etc.

So atleast by seeing this video lets make up our minds. Lets be broad minded and accept every religion as ours. Treat everyone with love and affection irrespective of his/her religion, caste, creed etc. Hope we see better society ahead.

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