[WATCH VIDEO] Is Our Luggage Safe In Flights? Manipur CM Biren Singh’s Video Shows Airport Staff Opening Bags (Breach Of Trust)

Generally, Airports are craziest places with exceptionally busy people running in and out. The larger airports in the country can be quite big and confusing. Often the security measures can also be quite intimidating.

Once we get checked-in, our luggage also needs to be checked-in. The passengers had to hand over their luggage to the airport security check people. The luggage will be tagged with a sticker to identify it and then gets passed through the airport’s security screening facilities to ensure that it’s safe to be transported aboard an aircraft.

Is Your Check-in Luggage in Airlines Safe

Here a question raises in people’s mind! Is our luggage safe when we board a flight?

Many say that they are safe but after seeing this video, we must say that the luggage after security check isn’t safe enough.

In a video that exposed a shocking malpractice at an airport, a staff member can be seen rummaging through passengers’ luggage after the security check has been done. In the footage of a Jetstar flight luggage compartment, an airport staffer can be seen opening the check-in baggage of passengers. The staff member can also be seen examining the luggage by putting hands inside the luggage.


Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Monday raised a serious issue about the safety of passengers’ check-in luggage inside the aircraft. He then took to Twitter and shared a video in which some airport staff was seen opening the bag and checking the belongings.

Watch The Video Here:

As per reports by several international news organizations, the incident took place at Phuket International Airport in Thailand. Reports also claim that the airport staffer has been identified as 27-year-old Abdullah Hayee Mayeh.

After the video was shared, Jetstar launched an investigation into the thefts. The airline said in a statement that they are taking the matter very seriously. Mayeh confessed after his arrest that he had stolen a Bluetooth. Mayeh was reportedly employed by BAGS, a company that provides baggage services for nearly 100 airlines in Thailand.

Whether or not his intention was to steal is unclear, however, such access to people’s luggage is dangerous as it can be used to traffic illegal items like drugs or even explosives.

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