[WATCH] This Thief Chooses Wrong Place To Rob, Chased Away By Martial Arts Students

You might have seen many robbery videos online where thieves steal and run away from the sight to escape from being caught. But this video which is now going viral on social media is different of its kind.

Thief trying to steal in a brazil gym

A man in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro seems to choose the wrong place to attempt a robbery. The place which the thief chose was a gym. A surveillance video circulating online showed a young man jumping over a turnstile at a gym on Monday only to be chased by Jiu-jitsu students moments later.

CCTV from the incident shows a young man entering the gym and jumping a turnstile after arguing with the receptionist. After a few seconds, the man is seen jumping back over the turnstile, chased by several jiu-jitsu students dressed in uniforms.

thief climbing turnstile

Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that focuses on ground fighting and grappling with the opponent. The receptionist told local media the man asked her for directions but she did not help him as she was suspicious.

According to the receptionist, the man threatened to kill her so she screamed for help, reports. She was heard by a jiu-jitsu class, and some 15 students and their teacher came to her aid, forcing the thief to flee.

Martial arts students running to catch the thief

The thief left with her mobile phone, but she was not harmed during the fight. Jiu-jitsu teacher Edgar Neto, 41,  said the incident took place at 7.30pm on Monday, and that the class chased the man out into the street. They were unable to catch him as he fled on a bike with an accomplice, he said.

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The thief has not been arrested but one of his sandals that fell off during the chase was recovered, police said on Wednesday.

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