Meet Raees Makrani, A Mechanic From Madhya Pradesh Who Invented A Car That Runs On Water

Raees Markani, a 44 year old mechanic living in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, has invented a car that runs on a fuel as cheap as 10 to 20 rupees per liter. He invented a car that runs on water and carbide fuel, both eco-friendly and cheap.

The market for environmentally friendly cars is getting bigger and while India and automobile companies around the world are looking for more eco-friendly ways to reduce pollution and use better fuel in their cars, this mechanic in Madhya Pradesh has spent over six months in his workshop to come up with this Eco-friendly car.

A Mechanic From Madhya Pradesh Invented A Car That Runs On Water

Makrani’s Car Runs On Fuel As Cheap As Rs 10 Per Litre!

Though the vehicle looks like another remodeled car, a closer look provides details of the technology used to create it. The car runs on acetylene gas, which is formed from a chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. The gas has also a wide usage in several industrial purposes including welding and portable lighting for miners.

Markani said that the invention would come as a major relief to Indians who spend as much as Rs.70/litre on petrol. Markani added that he turned away a Chinese firm, which was interested in using his innovation, asking the investors to set up the plant in his hometown.

Watch the video here:

Markani has also filed for a patent for his innovation as the invention comes at a time when automobile companies are looking to use cleaner, more eco-friendly fuel in their cars. Though very few buyers actually ask for an environmentally friendly car, the demand for them is increasing gradually and the manufacturers definitely have to keep up and offer something new and better.

So, with this innovation coming at a time when the demand is high, Markani certainly has lots to be happy about!

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