Mobile Phone Health Risks, Effects, Disadvantages, Hazards, Problems

Mobile Phone Health Risks, Effects, Disadvantages, Hazards, Problems

Few people talk on the phone by cradling it between their ear and shoulder which makes them feel like a business person, but they don’t know that the poster is doing some serious damage. Maintaining that posture for any length of time results in one side of your neck muscles to shorten, while the other side to stretch out. This posture causes serious neck and shoulder pain if left unchecked.Mobile Phone Health Risks


This postural problem can be easily fixed. Instead of cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder, use headphones with a microphone, a headset, or speakerphone. In a worst case scenario, if you can’t stop cradling your phone between neck and shoulder, at least try to switch the side you are using to hold your phone (Left to Right and vice versa).

The portability of tablets is great, but it can lead to some less-than-ideal postures. One of the most common postures for tablet users is to curl up on a couch, looking down at their tablet, with their knees bent. This causes a host of problems. Looking down causes similar forces with a tablet as it does with a Smartphone.

One of the best solutions to avoid text neck completely is to hold your phone up at the level of your eyes. This will maintain proper spinal alignment, and keep you from looking down at the screen. If you’re at home, you can also achieve this by lying on the ground while holding the cell phone up in the air.

Curling up also affects your whole spine and generally prevents your back from being supported by the couch or chair. Bending your knees without support underneath them can cause wear and tear.

Mobile Phone Health Risks, Effects, Disadvantages, Hazards, Problems

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