Money Breaks Relationships, Plays Havoc with Children’s Lives

We know that money drives the economy , but we never expected that money rules the relationships of young children with their parents . In many recent cases Women and child welfare department has saved many young children being tortured by step parents. In a recent spine-chilling case of 19-year-old Pratyusha, who was tortured by her step-mother and father, has brought into focus challenges faced by orphaned children.Pratyusha was tortured by her father and step-mother for over seven months to grab her property. She was rescued last Wednesday in hyderabad.


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This  19 year old girl, who has been subjected to physical torture for over seven months allegedly by her father and stepmother, was rescued by Police with the help of an NGO on july 7th. She was sent to a hospital for medical examination and a case was registered against both the accused.Bearing acid burn injuries over her face and all over the body, the victim, Pratyusha, told Police that she was being mercilessly inflicted the suffering on a daily basis.In her complaint, Pratyusha informed Police that her parents used to throw acid on her, make her drink toilet cleaners, snub a cigarette on her body, and even beat her with an iron rod. For over seven months, she told Police, she was subjected to physical harassment by her father Ramesh and stepmother Chamundeshwari alias Shyamala at their house in LB Nagar in Hyderabad.

Pratyusha is the only daughter of Ramesh and Sarala whose 12 years long married life ended in 2003. She had dropped out of school after 6th class due to family issues. She had been staying with Sarala ever since, and after mother’s death in 2010, Pratyusha was sent to an orphanage in the city by a maternal uncle.According to Police, Ramesh later married Chamundeshwari in 2008. “The couple did not have any children. So, in December 2014, he went to the orphanage and brought back her daughter to their house,” said inspector E Srinivas Reddy of LB Nagar Police.

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“She has given a statement that since last seven months she was tortured and subjected to physical harassment by her stepmother and father. She alleged that acid was thrown on her face and she was beaten up with hot rod almost on a daily basis. The girl has now been rescued and sent to the hospital in view of injuries to her face and other parts of the body,” Reddy added.

Money plays a crucial role in these matters. Bringing up a child means paying for education and taking care of miscellaneous costs. Officials, who work for welfare of children, said step-parents who want to be rid of the responsibility of bringing up a child not of their own, drive him/her away or send them to government homes. 

According to the officials, resistance is stronger in the case of a girl child, as step-father or step-mother fear financial burden. If the biological mother or father is financially dependent on spouses, the reliance does not allow them to have a say when the children are ousted from home.A few days ago, a 16-year-old boy from the city, who was sent to an NGO from the Government Children’s Home for Boys at Saidabad, returned to his parents’ home. But he was not allowed by his step-father. After a failed struggle to be allowed into home, the teenager called up officials at 2 a.m.

“The boy’s mother, who is a housewife, got married again and has three daughters from second husband. The step-father vehemently opposed the boy’s return. As the mother was dependent on her husband and has three daughters to take care of, she could not convince him,” said A Naveen Kumar, deputy superintendent, Government Children’s Home for Boys.

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Officials of the Women and Child Welfare department said children who cannot bear harassment meted out by step-parents, run away from homes.  “There are cases where biological parents harass children. And a step-father took good care of his daughter. It all depends on the attitude of parents,” said V Padmavathi, chairperson of Ranga Reddy district Child Welfare Committee (CWC). She added that any given day the cases dealing with girls outnumber when compared to boys.


In case anyone wants to pass information about Pratyusha type cases to officials, they can call up:

Police: 100

Child Helpline: 1098

Balala Hakkula Sangham:

93910 24242

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