Mumbai: ‘Eco-sensitive Zone’ Soon Around SGNP, Says Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar

Union Environment and Forest Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the city is worried about increasing pressure from land sharks which led to a hindrance to projects around Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) where an ‘Eco-Sensitive Zone’ would be declared in a month.

Mr. Javadekar said that in a short period of time ESZ will be declared around SGNP that is pending with MoEF which would help urban forest better.

Eco-sensitive Zone Soon Around SGNP, Says Prakash Javadekar (2)

The Senior forest officials say there is no clarity at the moment on what form ESZ around SGNP. And it is declared that the portion of forest land to constitute the ESZ activities like mining pollution and creating industries is not permitted and commercial construction will be regulated.

The minister explains briefly about how park management successfully adopted pro-active approach the human-leopard and how SGNP partnered with citizens as well as researchers to start it successful campaign which is known as ‘Mumbaikars for SGNP’.

Taking support from various international agencies that fight poaching across the country the team members were part of Mumbaikars for SGNP together with rescue team which is facilitated by Javadekar.

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