Netflix Finally Launched In India And Here Are The Most Hilarious Reactions on Twitter

Netflix, the online video streaming service that has revolutionized the entertainment industry in Western countries, has finally launched in India. The popular streaming service, in a global expansion move, has now been rolled out in 129 more countries. The one noticeable omission from Netflix’s big global rollout is of course China.

Most Hilarious Reactions on Twitter about Netflix launch in India (1)

In India, Netflix has already gone live with subscription rates starting Rs 500 per month and going all the way up to Rs 800 per month for a premium service with access to Ultra HD content.

Netflix is the world’s top video streaming service that allows users to watch content on screens ranging from a smartphones to a smart television. It works with a variety of other devices like iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, Windows phones and tablets, Microsoft Xbox consoles, Sony PlayStation and Apple TV box, on the web browser on a PC, Smart TV platforms, letting users stream directly onto larger screen. Netflix is also the creator of a lot of original, made for the web content, much of which is now in high-resolution Ultra HD.

While the arrival created the expected excitement, it is slowly subsiding as users questioning, ‘Will Indians with slow Internet speeds and small data caps (also known as ‘fair usage policy’ limits) be able to use Netflix?’

Without fast Internet, the buffering may take ages. People with slow internet will find it difficult to use Netflix heavily. Watching a handful of movies and TV shows could eat up a little over half of a user’s data cap, make them quickly hit their FUP limit, and have their Internet speeds reduced to a piddly 512 Kbps.

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