An Open Letter from a Common Man to Narendra Modi Over Gas Subsidy

A basic amenity for every household is gas which is the most important need to cook food. We are totally dependent on gas even latest technology has provided us with Electric cooktops. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced a LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Subsidy campaign, which is completely aimed at saving crores of rupees and then the Prime Minister launched a “GiveItUp campaign” in which he urged each and every citizen belonging to the higher strata to give up their LPG subsidy. Modi mainly targeted people who are willingly to waive their subsidy so that the additional amount which they have given up can be added to the development of our India.

LPG Gas subsidy- Interesting letter to Modi

Responding to the announcement made by Modi on the newly launched LPG Subsidy campaign, Sumith S Rao, a renowned city based entrepreneur and a former President of the District Small Scale Industries Association, sent an Open Letter to the Prime Minister, saying “Why I Will Not Waive My Gas Subsidy”. He wrote a letter clarifying as to why he will not waive or give up his LPG subsidy, even having the capability to afford it!

“An Open Letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi”

Respected Sir,

  • You have asked the rich and affluent people of India to waive off their share of subsidy on gas cylinders used by them in their homes and help in nation building.
  • We would definitely prescribe to your view and gladly do if you can reciprocate our generous offer. If every corporator, MLA, MP, and Minister could also waive off his gas subsidy, we the people of India would be very proud of you and salute you.
  • You would be setting an example to the citizens of India. Most of you have declared incomes running into a few crores while contesting the elections.
  • When you think of about our poor brethren and waive off all the perks that you enjoy because of your position, that day we will surely waive off our gas subsidy.
  • When will you stop voting unanimously for a pay hike for yourselves, while bitterly fighting against all other issues in Parliament?
  • When will we see you act as responsible citizens and fight over issues rather than take party based decisions?

He also gave an example of a Chancellor that he travels on a public train to work, and he points out that in our country every political leader from Prime Minister to President of Zilla Panchayat is allocated a car. All the luxuries that all the political leaders who are enjoying are paid through the common man’s tax amount.

  • You incur thousands of rupees worth of telephone bills, electricity bills, free accommodation in luxury bungalows, avail free travel on public transportation, go on foreign jaunts on flimsy excuses and we the people of India pay for it.

When will you be a proud Indian and pay for all these facilities availed by you?

  • You get admitted to luxury hospitals for even a headache and especially when a probe is launched against you for any misdemeanor. Even there, you get the best beds and facilities free of charge.

Pray, tell me, Sir “When will you pay for these privileges?”

  • You travel in air conditioned railway coaches and fly first class in planes even when you are not on official duty. It is us, the citizens of India who pay the fare for you.
  • Everyone, who is anybody, stakes his claim to fame by clamoring for “Z Class” security when the actual risk assessment for that person is zero. We, the people of India pay a fortune for your security.

You, who are responsible to protect the nation are being protected by the common man at his cost.

  • There are people in India who cannot even afford one meal a day and do not even have the strength to complain about it. Sadly, while you enjoy a cup of coffee bought at a princely sum of Rupees One or a full meal at Rupees Twelve at the Parliament canteen in air conditioned comfort and cannot be bothered about these trivial issues.

When shall you pay the full cost of a meal without passing on the bill to your countrymen?

  • Sir, I am just an ordinary citizen of India who dutifully pays my Income tax, Service Tax, Value Added Tax, Wealth Tax, Corporation Tax, Automobile Registration Tax and Property Tax which goes up to nearly 50 percent of our hard earned money while you enjoy the benefits of these taxes and live a privileged life because every citizen of India pays for your privileges.
  • The day all of you forego and waive all the unnecessary perquisites bestowed upon you by laws enacted by you would be a proud one in our nation’s history.
  • The day, you gentlemen who have been elected to power by the people to govern our nation become responsible citizens of INDIA will be a milestone in our history. That day, all of us will definitely waive off our gas subsidy.

Yours sincerely,
An honest and dutiful citizen.

Hope this letter will surely reach the sight of Prime Minister Narendra Modi so that he comes to know the difficulties faced by a common man and how they are struggling to lead their life.

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