Panchayat declares ‘public holiday’ for India vs Australia Match at Suresh Raina’s fiancee’s village

Holiday has been declared in Suresh Raina’s fiancee Priyanka Chaudhary’s village by the gram panchayat. This incident amazes everyone across the nation while the gram panchayat of the Suresh Raina’s fiancee Priyanka Chaudhary’s village of Bamonoli in Baghpat district, Uttar Pradesh having a population of 12,000 people has been up with such a jaw-dropping decision.

Village of Raina s fiance takes holiday to watch WC semis

Suresh Raina’s Sasural Grama Panchayath Grants Holiday

There has been news of Suresh Raina’s marriage a week ago with Priyanka Chaudhary who hails from the village of Bamonoli in Baghpat district, Uttar Pradesh after the ICC World Cup 2015. As Suresh Raina is playing for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 thus it was decided by the family members of both the bride and the groom to carry on the auspicious wedding of both after the ICC World Cup 2015.

Although there has been another news buzzing now which is being centered around Suresh Raina and his fiancee Priyanka Chaudhary. The news is that Priyanka Chaudhary’s village gram panchayath has declared a day off for the villagers who will have a day off work on Thursday, 26th March to watch the match which would be played between India and Australia. Villagers has been ordered by the gram panchayat not to work and watch the match in which the ‘village’s son-in-law’ will be playing. Indian cricket team would be playing against the host of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 semifinal at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Apart from Bamonoli’ s gram panchayat it is expected that in a nation which is made of cricket game a a lot of people  would be skipping their work on Thursday 26th March 2015 which has taken the teams expectations of winning the match at next levels of craziness towards the game.

In Suresh Raina's 'sasural', panchayat orders all 12,000 residents to watch match

Villagers would witness the live action of the India Vs Australia live streaming of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 semi-final match happening at Sydney Cricket Ground which would is going to be arranged by the local body. Bamonoli’ s gram panchayat has ordered every villager’s to enjoy the game not going to work and doing no farming for one day cheering  up the ‘village’s son-in-law’ Suresh Raina playing along with his teammates.

Tej Pal Singh and his wife who are grandparents of Priyanka Chaudhary, still live in the village in their ancestral home. Priyanka Chaudhary who is employed with a bank in the Netherlands and her father, despite living in Meerut, visits the village often. Suresh Raina’s wedding with Priyanka Chaudhary has spiked interest of even the non-cricket followers in the village of  Bamonoli. A resident of Bamonoli Hemant Singh said that  “We want to see the village’s son-in-law in action. There is a sudden surge of interest in cricket in Bamonoli. Even those who never heard about this game are keen to follow the sport now. Youngsters who are highly enthusiastic about the whole event are making it a point to bring people even from the remotest corners of the village to see the would-be son-in-law of the village in action.”

The news of arrangements being made for the large screen to telecast the live streaming of India Vs Australia live streaming of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 semi-final match happening at Sydney Cricket Ground has been revealed by Prahlad Singh who is a member of the village panchayat. Prahlad Singh said that “It is a matter of great honor for the village that its daughter is getting married to a cricket star of India. And to make this event memorable we have installed a screen and arranged for more than 2,000 people to sit in front of it and watch the match. The rest can sit on the ground and enjoy the game. It will be a public holiday for villagers and all have been asked to watch the match. Let everyone see our son-in-law in action.”

Villagers of  Bamonoli are feeling with great pride and are expecting that the swashbuckling left-hander Suresh Raina would visit the village soon after ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 to marry Priyanka Chaudhary which has led to the pre-marriage celebrations in the village. These days madness and craziness over cricket allowing us to witness all unexpected incidents. Stay tuned with us. for all live updates of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 of Indian cricket teams and other teams playing at finals of world cup.  Press Ctrl+D to bookmark us for easy navigation of all trendy updates which would end your web search.

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