New Police vehicle Accident in Hyderabad

As we already know the Chief Minister of Telangana State has already passed orders regarding the change of Police Vehicles and Uniform in Telangana State. Today he started Police Vehicles in Telangana State (Innova). People are expecting a drastic change from KCR in Telagana State. Two designs featuring Innova cars and one design for motorcycles were shown to the CM, who made a couple of suggestions and advised some changes.


KCR Approves Design For New Police Vehicles:

Director General of Police Anurag Sharma showed the new-look Hyderabad Police patrolling and traffic vehicles to Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao at his residence on Sunday morning. Two designs featuring Innova cars and one design for motorcycles were shown to the Chief Minister.

KCR saw the vehicles in detail including the design part, the front and rear seating arrangements, the dickey design, the coloring, the placement of the logo and the size of the letters. The Chief Minister, after eliciting the views of several persons who were present there, approved the designs.

Unfortunately after starting the vehicles today one of the Police Vehicle met with a minor Accident due to lack of experience to the driver. The driver got some minor injuries. Here is the image of Accident Vehicle.






New Police vehicle Accident in Hyderabad

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