RGV Controversial Twitter Tweets on Chiranjeevi 150th Movie

Megastar Chiranjeevi is desperately searching script for his 150th film. Ace director Shankar politely declined to direct this landmark film of Megastar and Chiru was not convinced with Maniratnam’s script. While the discussions about Chiru’s 150th film are still on, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma made some sensational comments.

Rgv Sarcastic Tweets on CHiru 150th Movie

Chiru 150th Movie Ram Gopal Varma Tweets:

It’s a known fact that Megastar turned politician Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie is yet to be launched. RGV, however, has a piece of advice to Chiru. In a series of tweets, RGV has done what he does best-post controversial comments.

RGV Twitter Tweets are as Follows:

Beginning with Praja Rajyam to the megastar’s 150th movie, RGV posted: “I hope chiranjeevi gaaru will direct his 150th film himself because from whatever my interaction with him he knows more than every director, If Chiranjeevi gaaru works wth directors Trivikram Vinayak etc it will be just another etc film but if he does himself it will be the film. I am very sure that Chiranjeevi gaaru has the wisdom nd intelligence to direct his 150th film. If Chiranjeevigaaru doesn’t direct his 150 th film himself it will be a bigger mistake than him starting Praja Raajyam Party.”

Chiru 150th FIlm chiru's Bahubali

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Ram Gopal Varma Tweets on Chiru’s 150th Movie


RGV Comments on Chiru 150th Movie:

RGV also said “Chiranjeevigaaru’s 150th film if directed by Chiranjeevigaaru himself wil b Bahubali of Chiranjeevis films nd if not wil b Jst anthr film. Chiranjeevigaaru directing his 150th film himself wil b a spectacular event of his 3 decades and his truly true fans will have an orgasm.” It would be interesting to watch what Chiru has to say to this.

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