Sachin Tendulkar Misses His Last Bus Asks Fans For Lift

Sachin Tendulkar is looking for help as he has been out by LBW. Thinking what is LBW? LBW means Last Bus Went. While he was on a visit to an English village, Sachin missed his last bus. Highest run scorer asked for help from his fans on social media after he missed bus in Great Haseley, near Oxfordshire, on Saturday afternoon.

Sachin misses his last bus

He then asked for a lift from his Twitter followers. “In Great Haseley Oxfordshire, Missed the last bus, can anyone give me a lift??” Tendulkar tweeted. Immediately, he received many responses from his fans from all over the world.

Sachin asking for help:

Twitter Responses from the fans:

“Hope I was there to give lift….!!! Even would have given car”

“”Even God misses a bus”

“Unlucky bus driver”

“Just seen the post, I can come down in 1 hr!”

Instagram Responses:

An Instagram user, Asher Mihir, wrote: “Sir @sachintendulkar: Giving you lift is equal to giving lift to GOD…. I wish I could give lift….”

Another said: “As an Oxfordshire resident, would have been there in a flash to rescue ‘God’ himself.”

The day before his Oxfordshire adventure, on friday Sachin had been at Wimbledon with current India skipper Virat Kohli to see Andy Murray crash vs. Roger Federer at the semi-final stage.

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