Shocking! This Saudi Engineer Brutally Beats An Indian Worker And Spits In His Face

Just weeks after a Saudi diplomat’s ghastly act of confining and raping two Nepalese women in India (Gurgaon) hit headlines, another shocking and extremely disturbing video has gone viral on the social media, showing an Indian construction worker in Saudi Arabia being brutally beaten up by a Saudi engineer.

The video has sparked a debate regarding the poor conditions of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia. According to a media report, Saudi labour ministry said that inspection teams visited the site of the incident to find out the details.  Saudi government added that the case will be pursued by the concerned authorities and the engineer was an Egyptian national.

A Saudi lawyer Abdulaziz Al-Mushaiti has also reportedly approached the government to take legal action against the engineer and arrest him for the assault, Saudi Gazette reported.

Watch the shocking Video here:

This video was initially shared by Canadian Journalist, Tarek Fatah on Facebook on September 17 with the caption: “Saudis beat an Indian to the pulp.”

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