Smartphone Records Traces Owners Journey

Hey you all there, I guess you are familiar with the song by popular ‘The Police’ which goes on like this “I’ll be watching you”. This kind of thing is thing is going to happen with most of the people who all are using the smartphones. You’re Smartphone may be used to watch out your each and every step like where you move globally on the earth. The geeky and techy news is that Our Smartphones records and monitors every movement and part of our journey despite tracking the whole journey.


anks to the mapping device which is installed in our smartphones. A mapping device in your smartphones may be allowing it to track your every move, monitoring and recording each part of your journey, experts say. Cell phones are now constantly hooked up to the internet via mobile signal and owners can be tracked to within inches of their actual allocation. This is especially true for those people who own Android devices, or whoever is signed up to a Google Now account. Tracking data is beamed to their Google accounts and is stored for months together. Tracing movements such as this can be accessed on a fully interactive history map.

But the most frightening part is that these movements can now be viewed on a fully interactive location history map. Once logged into a Goggle account, users simply click on a day, week or month and the map lights up with red dots and lines showing exactly where they have been. However, Google said that the service they provide is not compulsory and users can turn location services off.

When a mobile phone owner is logged into a Google account, all they have to do is click on a particular day, week or month, and the map lights up with red lines and dots to display the exact location of where the mobile user has been. Google has said however, that this service is an optional one, and isn’t compulsory for users. Mobile phone users are free to turn their location services off whenever they choose.

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