[WATCH VIDEO] Horrific Accident In Bhopal, Over-Speeding Car Rams Into Pedestrians, Video Recorded On CCTV Camera

Be it an influence from movies or the consequences of being drunk, multiple incidents of rash driving are observed these days. In addition to the life of one single driver, improper driving might result in taking away the life of many other innocents.

over speeding in india

There are many videos of rash driving that went viral on social media. Now, this incident that took place in Bhopal has joined the row. An over-speeding car is seen ramming into pedestrians. This horrific incident was recorded on the CCTV cameras.

In the video, we can see two women and a child passing through the road, and all of sudden, there came a truck that brutally hit them all. Soon after seeing this, a man nearby has tried to stop the car by pelting stone at the vehicle, but, he was too fast to be stopped.

car rammed into pedestrians in bhopal

The driver immediately turned his car and headed back in the direction he came earlier.

Watch the video here:

Recent sources addressed that the accident has happened near the Talliya police station in Bhopal leaving two women critical while 1 child was injured.

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