Spine Problems Caused By Using Mobile Phones/ Laptop/ TVs/ Desktops

Technology plays a major role in all aspects of modern-day society, such as education, agriculture, business, transportation, communication, and healthcare, etc. Thus, we all use our phones, computers, laptops and electronic gadgets day in and day out. Working in front of computers, laptops and using phones throughout the day affects us physically and also mentally.Spine Problems Caused By Using Mobile Phones

One such effect is the postures we hold when we are using these devices. Postures are the major cause that contributes to serious problems for our spines. It’s impractical and unrealistic to suggest to stop using electronic devices. So, there are few easy changes and techniques that take the load off your neck, shoulders, and back and improve your posture and health.

These techniques or changes will also save you from tons of musculoskeletal problems. In this article, we shall discuss why does posture really matter, which gadgets are causing real problems and how can we fix them?

Which Gadgets Are Affecting Your Posture?

1. Texting on Your Phone

Whenever we send a text or browse the Internet, we pull our head forward and out alignment, isn’t it? We do this always because our heads are heavy. The average adult head weight is about 10 pounds. A study in 2014 found that “Text Neck” causes up to 50 pounds of forces acting on your neck. Our muscles and vertebrae in our necks aren’t designed to withstand that kind of pressure. Thus, this posture leads to pain, stiffness, permanent changes in your muscles and even surgery.

Many of us would have heard lectures about the importance of sitting properly at your computer desk. Improper positioning at your desk can lead to significant musculoskeletal problems.

Exercises For Good Posture:

Even with the best positioning, our use of electronic devices encourages some bad habits. To counteract the influence of these positions, it’s good to work some posture-enhancing stretches into your day.

  • Chin Tuck:
  • Scapular Retraction:
  • Neck Mobility:
  • Pectoralis Minor:

If you have any suggestions for improving posture with gadget use, let us know in the comments.

Spine Problems Caused By Using Mobile Phones/ Laptop/ TVs/ Desktops

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