Surveillance Video in China Shows 4 fall into Sinkhole Near Bus Stop

In China the Video footage has surfaced online showing four people disappearing into a sinkhole that suddenly opened up beneath them. The victims, one with serious injuries, they were waiting at a bus stop. According to the online news portal of, the incident took place in the northeastern city of Harbin on Saturday evening just before 6 pm. Even Xinhua, the state news agency, tweeted the footage on Wednesday afternoon, and was uploaded Youku, the mainland’s version of YouTube.

The surveillance footage aired on a local television station on Monday, and started appearing on other television stations on Wednesday. Surveillance video in China shows 4 fall into sinkhole near bus stop

Watch the video: How the people fell down into a sinkhole in bustop

Sinkholes are fairly common on the mainland’s roads and have caused several accidents in Harbin in recent years. On Saturday a surveillance CCTV footage shows people walking on a tiled pavement when suddenly a large section collapses, swallowing the two men and two women. Four victims were quickly rescued and rushed to hospital for treatment.

The report gave no further details about the condition of the severely injured victim. Local authorities are investigating the incident, and the collapsed area has been repaired.

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