Following An SOS Tweet From Minister KTR, Sushma Swaraj Rescues 29 Telangana Workers Held As Captives In Saudi Arabia

Now, when it comes to listing out the most graceful and responsible minister the country ever had, the first name that strikes every Indian brain is undoubtedly External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Since the very beginning of her entry on the social media platform Twitter, she has never shown her back for any helpless person abroad.

Thanks to technology, after all for bridging the gap between the victims and leaders, Sushma Swaraj is quite an amusing person when it comes to fulfilling her duties, this eminent lady responds to every tweet from the Indians abroad, promises help and she does it all the time, no matter whatever the situation might be.

Despite Being Admitted In Hospital, Sushma Swaraj Helps This PhD Scholar

She now earned a jewel in her crown of generosity by helping out the 29 Telangana workers who were reportedly held as captives in a Saudi Arabia.

She, however, got an emergency tweet from the Telangana IT minister, KT Rama Rao, in which a news article from a media agency regarding the issue is attested. Rao had written to Swaraj, asking for repatriation of the workers who were employed by Al-Hajry and were held captive in Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia.

Just like every time, the minister didn’t take much time to respond, she quickly quoted:

“Javed – Plz help the Indian workers and send a report to me and Mr K T Rama Rao.”

Meanwhile, after acknowledging her tweet, the official Twitter handle of the Embassy of India in Riyadh responded saying that they’re already working on the issue.

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According to the sources, there was a total of 29 employees and the company in which they were working demanding $50,000 per head to relieve them.

The employer even repatriated from offering food, water, medicines or basic amenities for over ten days. They even apparently refused to bear their travel expenses and held them captive in Allsafaniya Kouqt, Bodar, Kanji city in Saudi Arabia.

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