Thousands Protest In Kashmir After 3-Year-Old Gets Raped By Neighbour

Kashmir: A neighbor of a 3-year-old girl allegedly raped her after luring her to a school bathroom, since then, thousands of people have gathered and are protesting to bring justice for the toddler.

According to Baseer Khan, a local administrator, the police have arrested the neighbor in a village in Sumbal.

The police have also launched a probe for the incident and are currently questioning the man.

The 3-year-old girl was rushed to a government-run hospital on May 8 and was in a critical condition, but her condition now is stable.

On Sunday, thousands of people gathered and protested against the incident, especially after the family of the suspect provided a “fake birth-certificate” that says his age is 13-years-old.

Many believe that the birth-certificate is fake and was forged by the family of the suspect so they could save him from life imprisonment.

A recent report suggests that the principal of anther school issued the certificate.

12 people have attained injuries, the injured people include government forces personnel.

This happened when they were trying to control the protest.

According to Swayam Prakash Pani, a police officer, “One of the injured protesters is critically wounded.”

Officer Pani added, “We have registered a separate case against the school principal and detained him for questioning.”

Thousands of people also protested in Srinagar.

The government of Kashmir had to deploy thousands of security personnel with riot gear in order to control the spreading protests.

A police statement that was released on Monday said that the district of Baramulla was also having protests about the incident, it added that 47 police personnel and 7 protestors were injured in the protests.

Many protesters were seen throwing stones at the security forces that were deployed by the government.

Schools, private businesses, and other establishments have been advised to be shut down.

Students from three major universities in Kashmir also protested the students are asking for punishment for the suspect and strict action against the school principal.

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