We Think its the Right time for Narendra Modi to make Reservation for Economically Backwards instead of Caste

Reservation was supposed to be for about 10 years after the Independence but its been 60+ years now and still people are fighting for reservation for their community people.

If Patels are making a point that not everyone in their community is rich and hence they deserve reservation is a valid point and can be applied to every community. The reservation was supposed to be there for 10 years but its been 60yrs now.

narendra modi needs to change the reservation system in india

Why Caste Based Reservation Should be abandoned?

One person in the family gets settled then there is no need of reservation for the whole family, this will just make the richer rich.

We need to bring in reservation for every community, as long as the person requiring govt support is facing economic hardship, for meeting the basic necessities (food, shelter, clothing, education, unemployment) for himself and/or to support his family.

The grace mark system (in schools or entrance exams) should never be allowed for anyone, as this promotes incompetency. There are examples of children of maid servants and auto-drivers who has secured one among the top hundred ranks in 10th (KA state, 2015 results). This is a good enough example, to say anyone from any community even from economic weaker background can compete which depends on the upbringing and some encouragement. Personally, I have a friend who used to heard cows and sheep while he was a kid (until 8th) in his village, studied in the regional language medium until 10th, brought up though a lot of economic hardship, lived in my house many months while studying, however has come out in flying colours and now is working abroad. He is only person from his village who has travelled abroad. From this I am confident that any person from any community irrespective of their cast/creed can make a difference with some effort, encouragement and support by the govt (and the community living nearby, again community mean your friends, relatives, charitable organizations).

Reservation is never a solution. It allows less capable people taking up posts which in turn leads to inefficiency. Nobody has a doubt, how inefficient our government departments are. Instead, the solution is to make people capable by providing affordable quality education, and do away with reservation.

Few complications for making reservation based on Economical Backgrounds:

For people who do business, it’s very easy to show loss or minimum income to evade tax. It’s very easy and not hypothetical. That’s how all small business people do it.

My friend who used to pick up free books for the poor in his fancy car – his father ran a highly profitable business and paid little or no tax. And post retirement, his income was zero, so my friend was able to show himself as zero income poor and he got the free books for poor.

It’s near impossible in India to make a scheme for poor people without it being abused heavily. The only way you can prevent abuse, is if it takes some effort to get the said aid and the scheme rewards are not enough to make it worthwhile for a non-poor.

Also, for agricultural income, how do you determine if they are poor or rich if they are not filing returns?

A major obstacle is the Indian Constitution. Nowhere has it provided for reservation on the basis of economic deprivation alone. So that means we got to have a Constitutional Amendment bill (Where each house has to pass the bill with no option of a joint sitting in case there is a deadlock between a RS and LS) and considering BJP is not in majority in Rajya Sabha it would be politically imprudent to wage such a herculean political task. Also some would see this as Narendra Modi caving in to a 22 year old thus crashing that 56 inch chest mirage.

Final Words

Every system have flaws but you need to pickup one with minimum flaws. Ofcourse there are and will be people who will misuse the tax system but number would be significantly lower. But look at better side where you have 1 tax system for all transactions which is much easier to manage instead of having 10 different taxes. The minority miscreants will always be there but if Govt makes tough laws to punish such behavior it can be contained.

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