Union Government Decided to Publish a Report on #NetNeutrality

Over three lakh people have already written to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) through savetheinternet.in to make a case for net neutrality, and ensure that all users can access all sites at the same cost and at the same speed.

Union Government Decided to Publish a Report on Net Neutrality

Union government on 13 April 2015 decided that it would soon come out with a report on the matter. The report is expected to come out on 8 May 2015. The report will be discussed with the stakeholders subsequently. According to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the TRAI is holding extensive consultations on the issue.

Government Report on Net Neutrality Policy by May:

The Government said on Monday that it has already set up a high-level committee of six members to go into issues of net neutrality, both in terms of technicalities and policy issues. The committee is expected to submit its report in the second week of May.

Union Minister for IT and Telecom Ravi Shankar Prasad said the government wants to strive for non-discriminatory net availability, saying, “Internet is one of the finest creations of the human mind and to become truly global it must have integral connections to the local. I salute Indians who have done such a great work in expansion of net its creativity and its reach. I deeply appreciate and value the way internet has served the cause of Indian intellect and Indian enterprise.”

Chile became the first country in the world to enshrine net neutrality into law at the beginning of this decade. The Netherlands followed Chile’s lead in June 2011, becoming the first European nation to pass net neutrality legislation. On April 22, Brazil joined its fellow South American nation Chile by codifying net neutrality into law. USA passed Net Neutrality as a law in February 2015.

The government won’t take a stand till it can go through both the reports and the firms at the centre of the controversy. And even as the companies at the centre of the controversy continue to insist that they are violating net neutrality, support continues to snowball against any possible infringements.

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