[WATCH] Virat Kohli Shares A Heart-Breaking Video Of A Child Being Tortured And Beaten

A few days ago, a heart-warming video had gone viral on the Internet. A little kid is seen begging for mercy as the woman teaching the kid numerical numbers. The video shows what a trial it was for the kid to learn counting numbers.

The little kid starts counting numbers when in the middle, however, the little one forgets the sequence midway to which the woman yells at and yanks the kid. The screaming child appearing to be not more than five or six years old asks the woman to teach her lovingly and not be rough as the kid is scared and tormented.


However, towards the end of the video, as the girl fails to answer a question correctly, she is slapped by the woman and cries profusely. Perhaps, this is not the correct way by a parent to document their Ward’s skills, but the kid’s unhinged temperament evokes a terrible show of child abuse.

After the video went viral, many on the social media platforms shared it. Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is one among the people who shared the video. Virat Kohli has been one of the most opinionated people on the social media who has spoken against key issues time and again.

Virat shared the video with a hard hitting message against the use of violence and intimidation in schooling children. Virat condemned the angry tone of the woman who threatened the child instead of teaching her in a soft and understanding manner as well as the use of violence in the strong post.

“The fact that the pain and anger of the child are ignored and one’s own ego to make the child learn is so massive that compassion has totally gone out of the window. This is shocking and saddening to another dimension. A child can never learn if intimidated. This is hurtful,” the cricketer captioned the video.

Watch The Video Here:

Virat felt that “This is shocking and saddening to another dimension. A child can never learn if intimidated. This is hurtful.” Apart from Virat, Robin Uthappa and Shikhar Dhawan too shared the video and gave their response.

While it is unclear who is taking the video, the content is bound to make you sick in your gut. From the innocent child’s frustration to her fear, the video speaks mountains on exactly why violence is never an option while teaching your child.

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