Why do I Still prefer to Eat Maggi Even After its Ban? An Eye Opening Truth to all Indians

We all know the fact that Maggi has been banned in several states in India and all the people of the country stopped consuming all forms of Maggi. We all know the fact but truth is not known whether Maggi is harmful or not. If it is harmful then the rest of the world would also have banned it. Maggi is being consumed by various other countries in the world. Ofcourse there was a lot of criticism on it but not all nation health departments banned it. Its still in the market in several nations.

Now my questions are;

1. I have been consuming Maggi since a very long time nothing happened to me, so would it make any difference if I stop now or continue eating?

2. The rest of the world is still consuming Maggi then why are we the only people who banned it?

3. If its harmful then why do I see the ISO mark on Maggi, what were the health departments doing before releasing it into market with a green stamp?

4. Not just Maggi today pollution and contamination is everywhere. However the truth is that the atmosphere, the place where we breathe our air from is already polluted and we are still breating the same air as we don’t have any option. Unlike the air even the food we consume daily like Rice, Wheet even the Vegetables are also polluted to a greater extent. That means we are already consuming a lot of poison in our regular food. So does this make any difference if I consume Maggi along with that?

5. Is it all Media Hype? Chances are high as we know the media takes advantage of anything that can be converted into a protect or breaking news.

I don’t find an appropriate answer to my questions listed above. I am here not promoting Maggi or neither recommending it to any person. I am just questioning you all whether the food you eat, the air you breathe, are they safe?

Secondly, what is the government doing before releasing these products into the market. They are just taking action after the damage is already done. One should question the goverment rather than cracking your heads whether to eat maggi or not.

Let me know your thoughts on the same in your comments.

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