Hand Sanitizer’s Gifted to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg To Wash Gujarat Riot Bloodstains After Meeting Modi

Amid success notes and appraisals of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US tour criticisms outpoured on Sunday 27th September 2015. The acolytes of Modi who have been chanting the his name for calling it is digitalization of India inviting big tech companies to the nation have been encountered with a bitter instance which perhaps spoiled out their US party mood.


Mark Zuckerberg Enlightened with Unusual Protest of Hand Sanitizers Against PM Modi

However, the majority of national and International media sources which is currently busy is covering have failed to focus on a few critical protests carried out against PM Narendra Modi. These protests which have been led by activists claimed their expostulation against PM Modi’s meetings with top CEOs in the US.

protest against modi of godhra riots

One of the notable group Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), which has been carrying protests against PM Modi has launched a unique way method of sending an odd present to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg prior to his meeting with Modi.

An online campaign had been started out by the Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) through a website with web address zuckwashyourhands.com through which have been sending hand sanitizers to the tech leader Mark Zuckerberg wash off blood stains of the 2002 Gujarat riot victim after meeting PM Modi. So far it had been reported that about 250 hand sanitizer bottles have been sent to him.

purell hand sanitizer sent to facebook ceo mark zuckerberg

In the website zuckwashyourhands.com the protest group says

Meet Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

He was previously banned from the U.S. for complicity with genocide.

He almost has us convinced that his hands are clean.

Meet Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

On Sep 27, 2015, Zuck is going to be shaking hands with Modi.

Zuck, don’t get that blood all over your hands 🙁

We decided to help Zuck by sending him Purell® hand sanitizer.

But there’s a lot of blood to clean.

So we decided to send a few more bottles.

But a few bottles won’t be enough when you count up all the rapes and deaths that Modi was complicit in.

So we decided to buy every bottle of hand sanitizer we could find.

Last week, your concerned neighbors sent over 250 packages of Purell hand sanitizer in the mail, each containing the name of a victim of the Gujarat genocide.

Zuck, please wash your hands.

With love, from your friends at the Alliance for Justice and Accountability

What makes this protest more unique is that Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) sent every hand sanitizer bottle was attached with a note with the name of a victim who died in the riots reminding their loss to their family after the riots which happened during Modi’s reign as Chief Minister of Gujarat state.purell hnad sanitizer sent to mark zuckerberg


Although this unseal protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi anti-Modi hoardings and hand sanitizers with  has been left unnoticed and blurred by leading houses while social media has done its role of passing the info to those it was addressed.

mark zuckerberg gifted with purell hnad sanitizer

CLICK HERE, if you are too willing to send a Purell to Zuckerberg in your name then all you need to do is to fill out this form after which on your behalf a hand sanitizer would be presented to Mark Zuckerberg by the protest group.

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