12 YO Angry Kid Is Sleeping On The 5th Floor Window-Ledge, Pics Go Viral In China

Kids are sweet and tough at the same time. Generalizing things, raising a kid is absolutely not an easy job. Most parents have to deal with their kids’ purely stupid demands and tolerate their tantrums if needed. Now, something extremely unusual has happened with a helpless father whose twelve-year-old kid has climbed out of the fifth-floor window and slept on the ledger.

angry kid china bus

Yes, you read it right! Are you wondering what made him do such a strange thing? Well, it seems like he wanted to teach his father a “lesson” for scolding him. The whole incident was captured on camera and posted by a Chinese Facebook page, PearVideo.

Coming to the kid’s story, the 12-year-old boy’s father scolded him for being too lazy in getting out of the bed. The boy clearly didn’t take it positively and got annoyed. Sources from the Chinese media claim that the fire department was called to bring the boy back to safety in China’s Jiangkou city, Guizhou province.

Watch the whole video here:

In the video, that had collected more than 5,000 views on Facebook at the time of writing, the kid can be seen lying down with folded arms. He seemed to be quite unhappy about the earful he reportedly got from his dad. While the fire rescue officials were arranging the rescue operation, the kid sat angrily on the window canopy.

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