4 Disgusting Chinese Food, would you dare to try any of these.

It doesn’t matter where you from, who you are. We all have one thing in common, food. We love food. Our choices and taste may vary, culture may be different, but at the very core, we like to eat.

Different countries and culture have there own style and cuisine.

Apart from delicious Pizza and Burgers that we enjoy, there are many dishes around the world which is disgusting for many people. You may even question how could anyone eat that?.

We bring you four disgusting dishes from China. Would you dare to try these?.

1. ‘Three Squeaks’or little mice just born.



It is said that this dish gets its name because the mice squeak when one picks them up with chopsticks, dip them in the sauce and bite them. The dish is said to be listed as one of the ten banned Chinese dishes, not official though, because of its cruelness.

2. Egg boiled with children urine.



Yup, you heard it right, while many of us love to enjoy a boiled egg. We guarantee you would not want to be even close to these boiled eggs, let alone eat it. It is said that these eggs can improve heart and lungs. It seems the eggs are just salty. Will you eat?

3. Cow-dung hotpot



If you thought the above two were disgusting enough, wait for this one. This dish is said to be made from semi-digested grass and herbs from cow’s dung. It seems it’s a top-grade dish for guests in southeastern Guizhou. The hotpot is said to help your digestion.

4. Chicken embryo



These are not your typical boiled egg. Its semi-developed eggs, which are boiled while the embryo is inside it. When you split it apart, you can see the embryo. It is said that these eggs can help cure a headache. Now the question is, would you eat it when you get a headache or instead take medicine.

These were four disgusting dishes you can come across in China. Now the only question in our mind is how could anyone eat it?. What questions do you have?. Or would you dare try them if given a chance?.

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