50-Year-Old Former Model From Singapore Looks Unbelievably Young And Has Become Internet’s New Sensation

There are people who assume that aging itself is a curse, especially women, they browse for various tips. Despite the endless efforts, none can restrict the age, loss in energy and of course, the wrinkles are inevitable.

Blessed are those who age slowly, and when it comes to this, a former model from Singapore is breaking all stereotypes making the women go awe over him.

The 50-Year-Old Chuando Tan is giving some serious goals to all the men out there. His latest pictures are now going viral on the Internet and he is now peoples’ new favorite.

Chuando Tan

Born in 1967, this photographer and a former model, Tan who owns a model agency, has even tried his hands on pop singing. As of now, he has over 2,10,000 followers on Instagram and his photographs on social media will make your heart skip a beat.


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When asked about his secret behind this stunning looks, Tan stated that the regular workouts and the habit of not bathing late at night or early in the morning are behind his charming appearance.

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