70-Year-Old Apollo Director Marries Girlfriend Younger Than His Daughter-In-Law

Love is universal, while the way it comes from inside the people is always in quite unexpected ways. Out of various possible ways, here is the weirdest or simply the different story that has happened in India. Now this story has surfaced the Internet after the pictures of the couple were posted on the Internet.

70-year-old-appolo-director-married-20-year-old girlfriend

The stir on the Internet has started especially with a viral picture in social media, in the picture, a 70-year-old man has married a little girl of 19-21 year old. In the picture, you can see that the girl is so happy to marry him. Actually, this picture is of businessman Rajesh Kumar Himmat of Assam, his son is now handling his business.

old man marries teenager

Netizens went dropping in some really hateful comments after the incident grabbed the limelight. A Facebook user has commented on the viral pic that “I am well-acquainted with Rajesh Uncle. They are my dad’s friends, but we do not support what they have done. Since Aunt’s demise, he considered himself to be lonely.

apollo director marriage with a young girl

Coming to the facts, a man of his age can actually marry any old or widowed woman too, but he married a young girl. He should have to think about Kanishka (son of Rajesh) and his grandchildren. The girl whom she has made a wife is so younger than his daughter-in-law. “

Well, that is ridiculous and god knows what happens in the future.

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