A video of Koala quenching thirst from a bottle in Australia goes viral

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The Koala first hesitated as the woman approaches but later went ahead to drink from the plastic bottle.

A video featuring Koala quenching thirst from a plastic bottle went viral on social platforms. It was shared on Facebook by Chantelle Lowrie little did she know that the video could go viral within such a short time. The video was captured on the banks of River Murray on the northern part of Strathmerton, Australia.

Australia is experiencing a season of intense heat with a temperature rising up to 44 degrees Celsius. Lowrie made up her mind to offer help to the thirsty and helpless Koala when she landed her eyes on it. “The first thing which came up in my mind was that the little creature was dying of thirst,” Lowrie said in an interview with the ABC news.

The video footage started by the woman walking towards the helpless creature. The Koala first hesitated as Lowrie approaches but later gathered courage and drunk from the plastic bottle.

Watch the video here:

“Wow! It is incredible just how close you could get to koala… and then she/he drunk the water from the bottle as well! That’s great!” That is a sample of comments from the video post. A high temperature is one of the rare phenomena in Australia, a total of seven people have been swept by the heatwave.

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