African Woman Strips In Metro After Alleged Racial Attack Over A Seat [WATCH VIDEO]

A few days ago, a video of an angry Delhi mob, thrashing African students had surfaced on the Internet. The incident has left the stain on our national fabric of integrity, another shocking video has emerged to worsen the inter-racial communications between India and Africa.

A video of an African woman stripped inside a metro train in the India capital went viral. The video features two African women in a Delhi metro who stripped down in order to protest alleged racial insults.

African woman verbal spat in metro train

According to the reports, the fight started over a seat and the situation became worse when they got into a verbal tiff with a co-passenger over the same. The mob in the metro train can be heard shouting, “Bahar Nikalo Inhe (throw them out).”

Soon, the two woman put their foot down saying, “You want to fight? Let’s fight.” And a passenger is heard saying, “Please calm down, nobody is trying to fight anybody”.

Watch The Video Here:

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said it could not prove the authenticity of the clip. Metro officials told that neither they nor the Delhi police has received any complaint about the incident till date.

“DMRC has not received any complaint on this issue, which seems to have been sorted out among the passengers. Minor scuffles inside the metro during peak hours or even otherwise should not be blown out of proportion as the metro is crowded and even a gentle push or pull can trigger the fuse of a few commuters,” a metro official said.

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