After Warning People with Plastic Surgery, Poonam Panday Asks If C*ndoms are Included in Plastic Band

After notification from Mumbai police, the state has banned all plastic bags. Manufacturing and selling of plastic bags just got banned, and Poonam Panday who is known for her different approaches and comments on Social issues. How could she stay away?.



Previously we reported,Poonam Pandey expressed concerns for all the people who went under the knife or had plastic surgery done.

As soon as she posts a tweet on warning those people who went for plastic surgery, a guy on shared a picture of Anushka and Ayesha Takia. The user had shown before and after images of Anushka and Ayesha.

However, that post got backfired and got her poorly trolled, with comments like.

“Luckily silicone is not plastic. Else you had to go on the road fully covered?”

“Matlab tere sare di**o bhi jabt honge ab. Now u can use only fingers”

“Tumhare santro mein jo plastic hai…….. uska kya….?? ?”

“Acha hua silicone ban nahi hua warna bollywood main jaada se jaada heroins logo ka 36 se 30 ka size hojata.?”

However, this wasn’t enough for her to stop and she again twitted another post regarding the baned. Asking if Condoms were included in the plastic band.

She wrote,



Poonam Pandey
Just asking..

Is *CONDOM* included in
Plastic banned Items ??? #SachhiKya #JustAsking

She again got some hilarious comments like,

अगर आप उसमे सब्जी ला रही है तो Ban है..

Replying to @iPoonampandey
There is a different between rubber and plastic. If only you opted for education over getting naked.

Usme Market se rashan bhrwa ke laoge to ban hai?

I think u don’t know which material is being made of…as you don’t hv to use! I mean male person has to use it…

I hope this question you asked not to get more publicity…







Lol, it seems like she stays away from situations like this. And this time she got insulted like never before. But one thing which everyone always wonders if she does all this intentionally as a publicity stunt. Well, whatever the reason. We hope that it brought a laugh to your face.

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