Arhaan Singh Sends Legal Notice to Virushka, Here is Why

Like we say always, the internet is a fantastic place. You can not think how many people can get connected with each other. And when you are a celebrity, chances of your post going viral escalates.

Something exactly like this happened with a video of Anushka Sharma. We saw she was slamming a guy who was throwing garbage on the road. The name of the guy is Arhaan Singh, and in the video, we can see his mother slamming back for being rude to Anushka.

He did apologise for his carelessness, but he said that Anushka should have been a bit polite. Post that, even Arrhan’s mom had lashed out at Virushka for insulting her son in such a way. Now, problems seem to have increased a lot for Virat and Anushka.


It seems like problems have escalated for the duo, Arrhan has sent a legal notice to the couple for defamation. Yes, he has not only sent a notice to the couple but has also asked them for an apology.

According to reports, he said “Hi. My legal advisors have sent a notice to Mr Virat Kohli and Mrs Anushka Sharma Kohli. As the ball is in their court, no comments in all fairness I should await their response.”



We will need to wait to see the response from the duo.
In the video we saw, Anushka asking ki”Why are you throwing garbage on the road, you cannot just throw plastic on the streets just like that,” Sharma can be heard as saying in the video shared by Kohli on Twitter. She then asks the man to use a dustbin instead of throwing garbage on the streets.

The person, who was admonished by Sharma, went on to criticise the actor for “ranting and yelling” at him “like a crazy roadside person”. Singh added the garbage mistakenly went out of the window of his luxury car.



We need to wait for the response from the duo, but it looks like the video has escalated problems for the duo.
However, we do not think she was wrong, throwing garbage on the road is terrible and no one should do that we need to keep our country clean.

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