A Bengaluru Professor Loses Cool And Smashes Student’s New Phone In Front Of Classmates

Admit it! The Indian Education System is far from being ideal. The education system in India is one thing created with troubles for students, parents, and even teachers at times. It gets only worse as the classes go up to secondary and higher secondary grade.

We have seen instances of school murders, teachers harassing students; Classrooms that are supposed to be safe havens for children eager to earn their future. Therefore, it’s time for an overhaul of the system. In a college classroom, where gadgets are banned, what should the lectures do when they catch a student operating the mobile phone?

In the era of technology, how strict should educationists be in their policy that seeks tech restraint from students in the classroom? This is one of the biggest debates in the aftermath of a video that shows a lecturer from a top engineering college smashing a student’s mobile in a fit of rage.

lecturer smashes student's mobile

In a shocking video titled, “PESIT: Lecturer loses his cool and smashes student’s OnePlus5T” that has emerged online, an Ethics lecturer at an Engineering College in Bengaluru, allegedly lost his cool and lashed out in anger, in a way that is not acceptable.

The video posted on a Reddit thread, reportedly from People’s Education Society Institute of Technology (PESIT) in the garden city. The incident became worse when the professor humiliated both the students in front of the entire class and broke a new phone.

The lecturer smashed the phone without paying heed to the student who is mentioning that it was a new phone. The student was seen pleadings and apologizing the lecturer.

Watch The Video Here:

“The professor is an ex-serviceman from the Air Force and has been teaching here since 2005. We have never seen him lose his cool like this. But this is the third time the student has been caught in such an act,” a student from PESIT South campus said.

People came out in full support of the students and shared the following opinions.

comments on Lecturer loses cool over student using phone in class

comments on Lecturer loses cool over student using phone in class2

It’s appalling the way teachers behave in schools and colleges these days. Regardless of it being new or old, destroying one’s public property under the garb of discipline is beyond a person. And I’m not the only one. What do you say?

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